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Pete's contribution as technical advisor to the TV pilot for Altered Plates back in 2017 as described as described in Eloise LeBel's article in Mel Beta.
Pete's story among the 2016 Georgia Tech Transformative Narratives Poster Project
Pete picking the funniest intern on the Rock 100.5 Morning Show in April 2015.
Commenting on the transdermal drug delivery in Eight Hour Energy's new energy patch Trending Today on the Discovery Channel in January 2015.
Kirk Englehardt from Georgia Tech Communications on Pete's bizarre history in his Blog Synapse, October, 2014.
Nerd jokes at the 25th Annual 2013 Decatur Arts Festival, Decatur, GA.
Pete's Summer 2012 performance of Feel the Power of the Dork Side on the MIT campus was featured in the Fall MIT Chemical Engineering Alumni Newsletter.
Pete was Derrick Calanduno's guest on Skepticality, the offical podcast of Skeptic magazine on Tuesday May 8th, 2012.
Atlanta Gadgets Manager Rick Limpert discuss Pete's successful mixing of science and humor on
Pete was the keynote speaker for Engineer's Week 2012 at the University of Nebraska
Interview in New Orleans Magazine on Pete's upcoming show at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, November 2011
Review in the NOLA Defender of Pete's one-man show "Feel the Power of the Dork Side" at the New Orleans Fringe Festival November, 2011
Interview on the Georgia Tech Cable Network (GTCN) from October, 2011
Interview with the East Cobber Magazine
January, 2010
Review of our first Behind the Red Door Comedy show (October 9th, 2009) at the Red Door Playhouse in Snap Roswell
On October 22nd, Craig Tabitha from Georgia Tech's Student Newspaper (The Technique) introduced us to the new Living Learning Communities that are part of the Think Big program at Georgia Tech. Pete directs the "Humor in Innovation" community.
The September issue of the CEISMC Gazette, published monthly by the Georgia Tech Center for Education Integrating Science Math and Computing (CEISMC) addresses using humor in math and science
"Heard the one about the Tech Professor who thinks he's a stand-up comic" from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, August 12th, 2006
Pete and his co-host Bill Hunt from their Saturday morning radio show Inside the Black Box (Science only Funnier) were featured in Tech Topics
Chemical & Engineering News, April 24th, 2006 - not even Carlin or Seinfeld ever got mentioned here
The Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine, Spring 2006 edition
The Technique, Georgia Tech's Student Newspaper, Feb. 17th, 2006
The 2005 Blueprint, Georgia Tech's Student Yearbook
The Chemical Engineer, official publication of the Institution of Chemical Engineering, June 2005
The Whistle, Georgia Tech Faculty Staff Newspaper, September 6, 2004